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Tips and Guidelines to Make Your Career Page Shine

A career page is essential for every organization seeking to hire qualified employees in home weatherization. Here are some tips and guidelines for how to make your career page shine.

Ready to take the next step? Download our Career Page Evaluation Spreadsheet to test your career page and see if it follows best practices. Download it here in Excel or PDF.

Setting the Stage for Engagement

Your career opportunities page is more than a part of your website. It’s a pivotal platform that provides a glimpse into the opportunities and culture your organization offers. For that reason, a good career page goes beyond just listing job openings and is a way to truly sell your organization. The career page space is your opportunity to make a powerful impression that resonates with potential team members. Let’s explore how to turn your career page into a journey that highlights what makes your organization unique, inviting, and inclusive.

Crafting an Inviting Landing Page

Your careers and opportunities page is a portal that warmly welcomes potential team members, guiding them effortlessly toward the information that aligns with their career goals. This page should mirror your organization’s commitment to inclusivity.

Before you list specific job openings, start with an introduction. Here are a few key points your introduction can include:

Introduce your organization with an overview of your mission and culture.

Showcasing the diversity of roles at your organization, from technical positions to leadership opportunities.

Highlight the reasons why your organization is a great place to work, including employee benefits.

Call out specific populations if applicable, such as second chance/returning citizens, youth programs/internships, women’s programs, and veterans. 

If applicable, include information about your work with contractors. Offer support and a way to connect with you. Note opportunities for women and/or minority-owned businesses.

Reference your values and diversity and inclusion initiatives. Add an equal opportunity employment statement. 

Make it easy for local stakeholders and community-based organizations to connect with you and partner on your mission.

Make sure your page is visually appealing and optimized for mobile users.

If your organization utilizes contractors and seeks to grow this network or attract new contractors, ensure your webpage highlights these opportunities. Include information about your bid or solicitation process, minimum requirements, service territory, and details for how contractors can connect to your agency and local opportunities. 

Resources To Highlight

Offering a platform where potential candidates can express their interest or sign up for more information paves the way for ongoing engagement and development of local talent pipelines. If a potential team member isn’t ready to apply or you don’t have positions available, many still want a way to indicate their interest. 

Provide a link for job seekers and contractors in your area to learn more about the Weatherization Assistance Program through Green Workforce Connect resources, such as Career Stories, How It Works for Individuals/Contractors, Contractor’s Guide to Success, and more. 

Green Workforce Connect also has resources on career pathways, the benefits of being a home energy professional, and profiles of four key weatherization roles: retrofit installer technician, crew leader, energy auditor, and quality control inspector.

Consider adding testimonials from current employees or contractors. You can also include career stories and videos from Green Workforce Connect as examples of real-life employees.

Highlight benefits for job seekers such as on-the-job training, no degree requirements, and obtaining national certifications. Highlight the organization’s benefits such as PTO, insurance, and more. 

Offer options for visitors to easily express their interest in working with your organization, even if they are not applying for a position immediately, such as through newsletters or job alerts.

Making Your Page Accessible

Making your career page easily accessible emphasizes your openness to talent and simplifies the navigation process.

Consider the placement of your career page link, making it easy to find from the homepage and site footer. Consider employing Search Engine Optimization tactics where necessary to enhance visibility. You can also use anchor links to make your website easier to navigate. For more information, contact your website administrator or reach out to us at [email protected].

Use your content strategically by embedding links to the career page throughout the site, offering a constant invitation to explore opportunities. Consider including a career inquiries option on other organization contact forms. 

Link to other key organization pages (about us, events, contact us) as needed. 

Simplifying the Path to Engagement

By providing clear, multiple calls to action, you make it easy for potential candidates to take the next step, whether that is applying for a job, expressing interest in future opportunities, or connecting with your team.

Offer a straightforward application process, with options for resume uploads and simple forms. Ensure your system is accessible and user-friendly, considering the needs of all potential applicants. Consider adding a form to capture contact information and details related to your minimum requirements for application. This allows job seekers to easily connect with your agency without completing a full application. It also allows you to determine if a potential candidate meets any minimum requirements you have for employment at your agency; for example, age requirements or the necessity of a driver’s license.

Look at your application form from a user perspective. Is it downloadable? Is it editable? Can they email it to you or complete it online?

Make it effortless for visitors to connect with your organization, whether through email, phone, or a contact form. Highlighting this accessibility fosters a welcoming atmosphere that encourages engagement.

Use Effective Job Postings

Finally, complete your career page with engaging and effective job postings. Check out our guide for more information on writing job postings for home weatherization jobs.

Utilize Green Workforce Connect Buttons

We encourage you to link to Green Workforce Connect on your organization’s website! By linking to various sections of the platform, you can effectively inform and engage your communities about these opportunities.

Explore these suggested website button graphics, text, and links that will allow you to easily connect job seekers and contractors from your website to Green Workforce Connect.

Cultivating a Career Page That Inspires

By adopting the strategies outlined here, your career page can exceed its traditional role, becoming a dynamic and interactive hub that aligns with the objectives of potential candidates or contractors. This space can inform and inspire, painting a picture of the opportunities that await within your organization. 

For inspirational career page examples, check out the following organizations:

Ready to take the next step? Download our Career Page Evaluation Spreadsheet to test your career page and see if it follows best practices. Download it below in Excel or PDF.