Presentations for Job Seekers About Weatherization Careers

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Use these template slides to help job seekers in your area understand weatherization career options.

Are you looking to hire more weatherization professionals? 

Presentations to job seeker audiences in your local community, such as at hiring fairs or other events, can be an effective way to raise awareness about your job openings and the benefits of weatherization careers. 

Choose from a variety of informative and eye-catching slides that feature the many benefits of working in a weatherization career.  Diverse slides give you options for tailoring your presentation to different audiences, including youth, veterans, women, and the BIPOC community.

The template slides also include a page explaining the Green Workforce Connect website, QR codes that your audience can easily scan with their phones to visit the website, and four slides with embedded videos that feature real stories from weatherization professionals across the U.S.

Customizing your presentation to feature local information is easy—just add another slide or add content to an existing slide.

You can find other template presentations to help with outreach and recruitment on the NASCSP website.

An example PowerPoint slide reading "Join the Weatherization Workforce"