Presentations for Community-Based Organizations and Trainers

Community-Based Organization
Trainer & Educator
Energy Efficiency
Recruitment and Outreach
Weatherization Assistance Program
Workforce Development
Educate trainers & CBOs about how they can use the Green Workforce Connect platform.

Training providers in the weatherization space, along with community-based organizations that help connect job seekers to jobs and provide related services, can be some of your most valuable workforce development partners. 

With these educational and eye-catching slides, you can inform these key stakeholders about Green Workforce Connect and how they can leverage its resources to educate their students and job seekers about weatherization roles. The slides also highlight how job seekers and contractors can use the site to connect with potential employers/clients. 

With this information, you can empower training providers and community-based organizations to be even more effective partners in helping to recruit and hire a new generation of home energy professionals and contractors!

You can find other template presentations to help with outreach and recruitment on the NASCSP website.

An example PowerPoint slide with the Green Workforce Connect logo