Get Started with Green Workforce Connect: Recruiting Weatherization Professionals

Learn how to use Green Workforce Connect to raise awareness of weatherization careers.

Green Workforce Connect has been developed to support the recruitment of a new generation of home energy professionals for the weatherization sector, including both in-house crews and contractors. These pages include a wealth of resources to increase awareness of weatherization careers and why job seekers should consider these opportunities. 

Job seekers and contractors can also connect directly with weatherization employers in their area. Start here to learn more about this website and how you can effectively use it to support your recruitment efforts. h

Your Central Hub for Connecting with New Hires and Contractors in Weatherization

Green Workforce Connect was developed with an understanding of the hiring challenges currently faced by agencies in the weatherization sector, based on the input of hundreds of weatherization stakeholders across the country. 

Green Workforce Connect is intended to be a central hub where weatherization employers, training providers, contractors, and other stakeholders can direct their networks to learn about weatherization careers and connect with job and training opportunities. It is also a powerful lead generation tool: Job seekers can directly connect with weatherization employers and trainers in their area. 

One of the key strategies behind Green Workforce Connect is the recognition that we can be much more successful in raising awareness of critical weatherization jobs—and the benefits they can bring to individuals and communities—if we work together rather than in isolation. 

Having a central hub leveraged by many weatherization organizations helps to ensure that job seekers receive consistent, effective, and vetted information about the benefits of weatherization careers. This results in greater awareness of the industry, while also saving you time and money because you don’t have to start from scratch communicating what weatherization is all about and why it matters. 

We hope Green Workforce Connect will become the first place you turn to when working to expand your weatherization workforce! And we invite you to share feedback on how the site can be improved over time. We also welcome you to link to Green Workforce Connect from your own website as a means to inform your contacts about weatherization careers. 

Read on for an overview of the resources Green Workforce Connect provides, and how you can use this platform for greatest impact. 

Key Sections of Green Workforce Connect

The Green Workforce Connect website has several key sections you’ll want to familiarize yourself with: 

  • General career information for weatherization audiences that you can leverage to help prospective candidates understand the value of working in this field.
  • A robust Resource Hub, which acts as a library for both job seekers and potential weatherization contractors to dive deeper into specific topics.
  • Connect Now, a database of organizations in different states, to help you connect with other key stakeholders in your area AND help job seekers connect with you. 

Each of these sections is discussed in greater detail below.

Weatherization Career Information

When job seekers visit the Green Workforce Connect homepage, they are greeted by simple and compelling information about weatherization careers, including the stories of real home energy professionals and profiles of some of the most common weatherization job roles. They can also assess their fit for a career in weatherization with a short and simple quiz. 

Website visitors can see short profiles of key weatherization job roles and click through to more detailed overviews that help them understand what’s involved in a role, key skills and training, salary information, and more. 

By answering a short, seven-question quiz, job seekers can assess whether a career in weatherization could be a fit for them. 

The top of the homepage of Green Workforce Connect highlights the stories of four real individuals working for the Weatherization Assistance Program: Dusniel Alvarez, a Housing and Energy Director; Salina Colon, a Senior Program Manager; Marcy Mulholland-Chandler, a Senior Instructional Designer; and Wayne Thompson, a Program Director. 

Website visitors can peruse key benefits of weatherization careers (such as giving back to the community and opportunities for career advancement), and click through to videos of each person sharing their reasons for working in this field. 

The Career Stories page compiles all of these videos and profiles how these individuals’ weatherization careers have progressed over time. These stories can help job seekers imagine what their own career in weatherization could look like and hear firsthand about the factors that give current home energy professionals satisfaction in their careers.  

The homepage also directs individuals to explore the Resources Hubs to learn more or to connect with employers and other weatherization-related organizations in the Connect Now section of the site. Each of these sections is discussed below. 

Resource Hubs for Individuals and Contractors 

The Resource Hubs are a one-stop shop for anyone interested in weatherization or currently working in the field to learn more about key topics. 

The Resource Hubs contain a wealth of new and original resources developed to better support workforce development for weatherization. They also compile existing resources about weatherization careers from key stakeholders, such as the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP), and the National Community Action Partnership (NCAP), all in one place so you don’t have to search multiple websites for key materials. 

There are two Resource Hubs: one for individuals, which has information for job seekers, and another for organizations, which has information for weatherization agencies and other organizations working in the space. 

The Resource Hub for Individuals helps job seekers learn more about weatherization and find job descriptions, training opportunities, nationwide certifications, and potential career pathways. 

The Resource Hub for Organizations contains resources and guides for local program providers, training centers, employers, community-based organizations, and contractors.

Each of these Resource Hubs is regularly updated with new information. Subscribe to our updates to stay in the loop when new materials are added! 

Connect Now

Connect Now is the heart of Green Workforce Connect. Connect Now features a database of organizations of different types: employers, training providers, contractors, and community-based organizations, such as those that provide job support services to job seekers in a particular local area. 

If you are an employer or training provider, individuals interested in weatherization can use Connect Now to directly connect with your organization. And stakeholders of all types can use Connect Now to find and connect with other organizations in their sector and region. Currently, Green Workforce Connect features organizations active in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In the future, it will be expanded to all U.S. states. 

Visitors can enter their zip code or click on the target icon to use their location data to see organizations near them.

From there, organization results can be filtered by type, making it easier to find those that fit what the user is interested in. 

For employers, this section of the site is a powerful source for connecting with job candidates and contracting companies. Job seekers and contractors can connect directly to you to learn about your open positions! You can also use this site to identify other organizations in your area that may be relevant partners to support your workforce development efforts.

Training providers can direct their students to the Connect Now page to find potential employers near them. 

Contractors interested in connecting with weatherization contract opportunities can find weatherization agencies and other employers that may benefit from their services. 

Connect Now includes a National page, as well as dedicated state pages for Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. These three states are part of our pilot program, which is testing weatherization recruitment and outreach strategies in 2023, prior to a national rollout of the Green Workforce Connect in 2024. Additional state pages will be added for the national rollout. (Learn more about our program, our timeline, and how you can get involved on the About Green Workforce Connect page.)