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Woman worker with a caulk gun
Woman worker with a caulk gun
Download editable job description templates for four key weatherization roles.

The job descriptions provided here for key Weatherization Assistance Program roles have been developed to assist hiring teams in their outreach for these positions. A team of Green Workforce Connect stakeholders, including project partners, human resource professionals, and members of the Advisory Group, weighed in to review job description samples from across the country and identify common requirements for each role.

The following templates apply to four weatherization job roles: Retrofit Installer Technician, Crew Leader, Energy Auditor, and Quality Control Inspector. Learn more about how to use these job descriptions. 

Download Templates

These templates can be downloaded and edited to include information and details specific to your organization. To download and edit the templates, simply click on the links provided below:

Retrofit Installer Technician

Photo by Werner Slocum NREL Weatherization_Lakewood-042423_126

Energy Auditor

A woman in an apron conversing with another person in a warehouse, possibly discussing work or exchanging ideas.

Quality Control Inspector

A Quality Control Inspector sitting on the ground in front of a basement window, focused on writing on a clipboard.

Once you have downloaded the template, you can open it in Microsoft Word and begin editing. Update the file to reflect your local program requirements and hiring needs, include all of the relevant information for your organization, review it carefully to ensure you have updated all of the sections, and remember to save your changes

How These Templates Are Structured

The templates provided outline the following details for each role:

  • Organization Information
  • Position Information 
    • Job Title
    • Department 
    • Location
    • Salary Range
    • Work Schedule
    • Overnight Travel
    • Classification 
  • Purpose and Summary
  • Role and Responsibilities
    • Essential Duties
    • Non-essential Duties
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
    • Required Qualifications 
    • Preferred Qualifications
  • Working Environment

The Difference Between a Job Posting and a Job Description

Job postings and job descriptions are important parts of the hiring process, but they serve different purposes. A job description is an internal document that provides comprehensive details of a role, and a job posting is an external advertisement to attract candidates.

Job descriptions are typically written by a hiring manager, department supervisor, or human resources department in collaboration with other stakeholders. Job descriptions should be clear, concise, and informative, and they should be standardized across the organization. 

Key differences between job postings and job descriptions are outlined here:

Job Posting

Job Description


Intended for external use to attract potential candidates

Intended for internal use by hiring managers, human resource professionals, and employees


Used to entice qualified candidates to apply for a job opening

Used to define and manage a position within an organization


Typically focus on the most important and attractive aspects of the role and the hiring organization

Usually more detailed and comprehensive than job postings


Written in a more concise and persuasive tone

Written in a more formal and objective tone

It’s important to be aware of the difference between a job description and a job posting and ensure you are using the right content for the right purpose. In many cases, employers use the internal job description as the job posting. This approach can have a negative effect on outreach and recruitment efforts, particularly when trying to recruit entry-level candidates, underrepresented populations, and members of disadvantaged communities.

Job Posting Resources and Support

The Green Workforce Connect team is working to develop additional tools and resources, including samples of job postings, guidance for writing enticing job postings, and best practices for outreach and candidate recruitment. These new resources will be posted once they become available.

Outreach and Engagement Toolkit

For more information about how to raise awareness of weatherization career pathways and attract candidates to your organization, please check out the Outreach and Engagement Toolkit

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