Career Stories

"I see the positive effects of my work right away."

Dusniel became a home energy professional because he was looking for work that was stable and would let him apply his skills with hands-on work, tools, and equipment. Then, it grew into much more.

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Dusniel Alvarez

Housing and Energy Director

Career Pathway


Retrofit Installer Technician

Dusniel works on installing home energy efficiency upgrades


Crew Leader

Dusniel becomes a supervisor coordinating a team of Retrofit Installer Technicians


Energy Auditor/Quality Control Inspector

Dusniel performs home energy audits and ensures quality standards are met


Weatherization Manager

Dusniel manages agency weatherization program services


Housing & Energy Director

Dusniel now coordinates production between several programs

"This isn’t just a job. This is a career."

Salina worked towards a career as a home energy professional seeking to help the families in her community to improve their homes, safety, and health.

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Salina Colon​

Senior Project Manager

Career Pathway


Program Manager

Salina starts doing office work with a contractor



Salina obtains her Building Analyst certification


Program Support Specialist

Salina begins working at her local community action agency


Utility Program Manager

Salina is promoted and obtains 5 nationally recognized certifications


Senior Project Manager

Salina is promoted again and is cross-trained in all weatherization roles

"We make a difference."

When Wayne started out as a crew worker at age 15, he didn’t realize how much weatherization would become a part of his life.

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Wayne Thompson​

Program Director​

Career Pathway


Crew Worker

Wayne starts his career in weatherization at 15 years old


Crew Leader

Within two years, Wayne is managing his own crew



Wayne successfully continues moving forward as a home energy professional


Program Director

Wayne mentors other agencies throughout the state

"There’s a place for your talents."

Marcy started her career in higher education, and looking for a change, she became a Senior Instructional Designer for the Weatherization Assistance Program.

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Marcy Mulholland-Chandler​

Senior Instructional Designer​

Career Pathway


Instructional Designer

Marcy starts creating instructional and training materials for adult learning


E-Learning and Multimedia Specialist

Marcy creates tutorials and simulations for on-the-job training


Training Coordinator

Marcy puts her training skills to work in the Weatherization Assistance Program


Senior Instructional Designer

Marcy is promoted and continues to impact local home energy professionals

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