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Clean energy industries like solar, wind, and building performance are growing faster than ever before. For employers, one of the biggest challenges is finding qualified and highly trained workers. To meet this need, one effective strategy is to build partnerships in areas where you are hiring. 

You can start by developing relationships with community colleges, local organizations, and workforce boards. Collaborate with local training providers to offer internships, job shadowing, or other hands-on experiences. Build connections with youth programs like AmeriCorps or YouthBuild. Consider joining or creating a Registered Apprenticeship program to hire and train new employees

Making the workplace more diverse and equitable is not only the right thing to do: It’s also one of the best ways to recruit more skilled and qualified employees. A diverse workforce drives creativity, innovation, and employee retention. It helps you reach better decisions as you incorporate diverse perspectives. This leads to a competitive edge in attracting top talent and understanding a diverse customer base. 

Fortunately, today’s energy companies are recognizing the importance of hiring people who have been underrepresented in the past. To learn more, see our resources on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Registered Apprenticeship programs and DEIA in Outreach and Recruitment for Weatherization Careers. You can also consult our key recommendations from the National Clean Energy Workforce Alliance.

Visit our Connect Now page to find education and training providers in your area. You can also connect with community organizations, such as those that provide services to job seekers. Reaching out to any of these groups can lay the foundation for new partnerships. Simply enter your zip code and filter by the industries and types of organizations you’re interested in. Looking for more connections? Join the National Clean Energy Workforce Alliance to link up with more than 500 employers, training providers, community organizations, and energy justice organizations.

Through a Registered Apprenticeship, employees receive on-the-job training under the supervision of a mentor while getting paid for their work. For employers, apprenticeships are a valuable recruitment tool for hiring qualified and diverse employees. Apprenticeship programs have been shown to improve job quality, reduce turnover, and enhance workplace safety.

The Apprenticeships in Clean Energy (ACE) Network provides no-cost technical assistance and limited financial incentives to help employers start or join a Registered Apprenticeship program. Learn more about the ACE Network here.

The Weatherization Assistance Program is a federally funded program that helps low-income households make their homes more energy efficient. Through Green Workforce Connect, we are educating potential job seekers about careers in home energy performance and connecting them to employers and training providers in their area. If you’re hiring, download our Outreach and Engagement Toolkit to find pre-made, customizable resources you can use for recruitment. Our Connect Now page lists organizations in the weatherization assistance program with hiring and training opportunities.

The American solar industry has over 260,000 workers, and that number is set to double within the next decade. Strong partnerships with training providers, community organizations, and workforce boards will be crucial to build a pipeline of diverse and highly qualified job candidates. Explore clean energy apprenticeships to learn about a powerful tool for recruiting workers into the solar and storage industry. Join the National Clean Energy Workforce Alliance to build more connections and explore strategies for workforce development.

Military veterans are exceptional candidates for a wide range of energy careers. They offer valuable experience and soft skills such as dynamic leadership, adaptability, teamwork, critical thinking, technical specialization, and a mission-completion work ethic. Organizations that are successful in retaining military-connected talent create ongoing engagement and opportunity for their employees to develop their careers and connect with their colleagues in meaningful ways. 

Explore our resources to help employers recruit and hire veterans and military-connected talent. Learn more about recruitment and retention in the report  Strategies for Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Military Talent: A Toolkit for Solar Industry Employers.

IREC’s Solar Ready Vets Network offers a fellowship opportunity that links solar energy employers with transitioning military service members.

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