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You came to the right place! Green Workforce Connect is an accessible forum where students, job seekers, and mid-career professionals can learn about the wealth of opportunities in the energy industries of today and tomorrow. Our Connect Now (link: Connect Now, filtered to Hiring, Training, Registered Apprenticeships) page makes it easy to search for employers and training opportunities by zip code and industry sector. Job seekers can click on any organization to learn more and find out if they are hiring.

Energy industries like solar, building performance, and wind are growing at an incredible pace. Employers now face an enormous challenge finding trained and qualified employees. While many training programs exist, they do not always have a curriculum that matches employer needs. Improved coordination among employers, trainers, workforce boards, and community-based organizations will benefit everyone. 

Our Connect Now (link: Connect Now, filtered to Training, Registered Apprenticeships) page allows you to explore education providers and Registered Apprenticeship programs for students and job seekers in your area. You’ll also find local employers that could offer opportunities for partnerships and collaboration with trainers and educational institutions.

Strong partnerships among employers, training providers, and community organizations will help increase the pool of qualified candidates and connect students and job seekers to rewarding careers. Visit our Connect Now (link: Connect Now, filtered to Hiring, Training, Information, Registered Apprenticeships) page to find organizations in your area that could be candidates for partnerships. Join the National Clean Energy Workforce Alliance to build connections with more than 500 employers, training providers, community organizations, and energy justice organizations.

Apprenticeship programs allow employees to learn on the job under the supervision of a mentor while also completing related technical instruction with their employer or another training provider. In clean energy industries, interest in Registered Apprenticeship programs is growing. The Apprenticeships in Clean Energy (ACE) Network (Link: Clean Energy Apprenticeships) helps training providers and employers develop new Registered Apprenticeship programs or expand established programs in their field. Visit our Connect Now (Link: Connect now, filtered to Registered Apprenticeship) page to find Registered Apprenticeship programs in your area.

The Weatherization Assistance program is a federally funded program that helps low-income households make their homes more energy efficient. IREC offers formal accreditation for Weatherization Assistance Program training providers, leading to nationally recognized certifications from the Building Performance institute.  

Through Green Workforce Connect, we are working to educate students and job seekers about the program and connect them to employers and training providers in their area. If you provide training in weatherization, we have a wealth of pre-made, customizable outreach materials that make it easy to spread the word about these opportunities. We encourage you to share these resources with your students and encourage them to connect with local employers through Green Workforce Connect. Our Green Buildings Career Map helps students explore job roles and chart career pathways in home energy performance.

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Jeffrey served in the military for 13 years before joining an apprenticeship program as a solar operations and maintenance technician.

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